No vaccine has ever been tested for carcinogenicity (causing cancer) mutigenicity (damaging DNA) or impairment of fertility (fetal harm).
No vaccine has ever been tested against an inert placebo in a control group. Safety studies without an inert control is how manufacturers hide the harm.

This website contains parental reports of injury/death from the CDC childhood vaccine schedule pre-Covid.
To see the injury/death from Covid shots see (over 1 million "excess" deaths in the US alone)
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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Death by Vaccination

75% of Cases Occur Within 1 Week of Vaccination

The "Sudden Infant Death Syndrome" label is misused to hide "death by vaccination" especially when high fever, wailing, seizures, convulsions, body rigidity and/or body flaccidity are observed just after vaccination. - Dr. Paul G. King, PhD
"My grandson passed away of SIDS 36 hours after getting his 2 month shots. He was my youngest grandson, and it was on his 2 month birthday. He did a loud high pitch scream for about 18 hours; personality changed. He finally went to sleep and never woke up." -Billee Jo Davis
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) disclosed in a confidential report that approx 72 babies died within 20 days of receiving Infanrix hexa due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Sudden Unexpected Death of an Infant (SUDI). GSK said the deaths were unrelated to the vaccinations, however an Italian Court ordered it be made public. Dr Puliyel analyzed the data and found that 97% of deaths (65 deaths) in the infants below 1 year, occur in the first 10 days and only 3% (2 deaths) occur in the next 10 days. Had the deaths been coincidental SIDS deaths unrelated to vaccination, the numbers of deaths in the two 10 day periods should have been the same. More...

The Connaught Labs' DTP vaccine insert used to read, "Sudden infant death has occurred in infants following administration". William Torch, at the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine, noted that in one survey* "two-thirds of 103 American children who had suddenly died had been given DTP vaccine within 3 weeks of death. Many died within 1 day of the procedure." Children do not need artificial 'immunizations.' -Craig Stellpflug, NDC     *Torch, W.C., Diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (DPT) immunization: a potential cause of the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). American Academy of Neurology, 34th Annual Meeting Neurology 32(4): pt. 2.

"My suspicion, which is shared by others in my profession, is that the nearly 10,000 SIDS deaths that occur in the United States each year are related to one or more of the vaccines that are routinely given children. The pertussis vaccine is the most likely villain, but it could also be one or more of the others." - Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.

Dr Kelly Brogan MD: Is SIDS a Medically Induced 'Syndrome'?

Health Impact News: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Major Causes are Known but Ignored

Mommypotamus: The Role of Vaccines and PVC Mattresses in SIDS

In China, 17 Children Die After Receiving Hepatitis B Vaccine (click for article and video on

Vaccine-SIDS Link Confirmed by CDC's Own Data

An internal GSK document reporting SIDS "in a 2-month-old male who was vaccinated with unspecified doses of Infanrix hexa™, RotaTeq and Prevenar on 27 April 2010. Twelve hours after vaccination, the subject went dusky and experienced apnoea attack, reduced oxygen saturation and decreased heart rate. Three days after discharge, the subject had another episode of apnoea and could not be resuscitated. The subject died from sudden infant death syndrome 5 days after vaccination." Cit. VRM
When a large number of Tennessee babies died from SIDS after receiving vaccines from a particular lot of DTP vaccines, what did the vaccine manufacturer do? Did they pull the vaccines? No! They initiated a policy of breaking up lots and sending only a limited amount of any one lot to any one geographic region; so future deaths would not be tightly clustered and could then be written off as "coincidence." Read the Wyeth Internal Memo
Ten Month Old Girl Dies Hours After Receiving Hep B Vaccine

Vaccine ingredients and their adverse effects:

  • Bovine cow serum: Extracted from cow skin. When injected causes connective tissue disorders, arthritis and lupus; also shortness of breath, low blood pressure, chest pain and skin reactions.
  • Sorbitol: Synthetic sweetener which metabolizes very slowly and aggravates IBS and gastrointestinal issues.
  • Gelatin: Derived from the collagen inside animals' skin and bones. Injecting gelatin poses the risk of infection from synthetic growth hormones and BSE infectivity (mad cow disease). Often comtaminated with glyphosate from the animals' food sources.
  • Sodium chloride: Raises blood pressure and inhibits muscle contraction and growth.
  • Egg protein: Vaccines are prepared in eggs (certainly not organic). May contain growth hormones, antibiotics, and salmonella bacteria.
  • Thimerosal: A neurotoxic mercury which causes autism: There are 25 mcg in one average flu vaccine, and the EPA safety limit is 5 micrograms, so children who are vaccinated simultaneously with multiple* vaccines receive over 10 times the safety limit of mercury in one day.
  • Human albumin: The protein portion of blood from pooled human venous plasma; when injected causes fever, chills, hives, rash, headache, nausea, breathing difficulty, and rapid heart rate. Injecting "pooled blood" can result in a loss of body cell mass and cause immunodeficiency virus infection, or contain SV40, AIDS, cancer or Hepatitis B from drug addicts.
  • Formaldehyde: Highly carcinogenic fluid used to embalm corpses. Ranked one of the most hazardous compounds to human health; can cause liver damage, gastrointestinal issues, reproductive deformation, respiratory distress and cancer. Plus, formaldehyde has been known to fail to deactivate the virus the vaccine is intended to cure, thus enabling a live virus to enter your blood and infect your system.
  • Phenoxyethanol: A glycol ether/chemical; highly toxic to the nervous system, kidneys, and liver. The FDA warns "can cause shut down of the central nervous system (CNS), vomiting and contact dermatitis" in cosmetics; imagine when injected into your blood.
  • Aluminum phosphate: Greatly increases toxicity of mercury, so caution about minimum mercury tolerance is therefore severely underestimated. CDC scientists and all doctors are well aware of this.
  • MSG (monosodium glutamate): When injected becomes a neurotoxin, causing CNS disorders and brain damage in children.
  • Beta Propriolactine: This product contains ingredients for which the State of California has found to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. The substance is toxic to kidneys, lungs, liver, digestive system and eyes. Skin contact may produce burns. Inhalation of the spray mist may produce severe irritation of respiratory tract, characterized by coughing, choking, or shortness of breath. Severe over-exposure can result in death. MSDS
  • SIDS Research by Dr Viera Scheibner, PhD

    In a scientific study of SIDS, episodes of apnea (cessation of breathing) and hypopnea (abnormally shallow breathing) were measured before and after DPT vaccinations. "Cotwatch" (a precise breathing monitor) was used, and the computer printouts it generated (in integrals of the weighted apnea-hypopnea density -- WAHD) were analyzed. The data clearly shows that vaccination caused an extraordinary increase in episodes where breathing either nearly ceased or stopped completely. These episodes continued for months following vaccinations. Dr Viera Scheibner, the author of the study, concluded that "vaccination is the single most prevalent and most preventable cause of infant deaths." In a related study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, children diagnosed with asthma (a respiratory ailment not unlike SIDS) were five times more likely than not to have received pertussis vaccine. Another study found that babies die at a rate eight times greater than normal within three days after getting a DPT shot. The three primary doses of DPT are given at two months, four months, and six months. About 85 percent of SIDS cases occur at one through six months, with the peak incidence at age two to four months.
    Dr Viera Scheibner (Recent Interview by Shawn Siegel)
    Dr Viera Scheibner - Vaccination is not Immunization
    "I have never seen a SIDS death in a healthy breast-fed, unvaccinated child [regardless of where they slept]. Over the 19 years in IAS, we have never seen one." - Hilary Butler

    U.S. Vaccine Injury Compensation Court: Vaccination caused infant death

    "In this case, I have concluded, after review of the evidence, that it is more likely than not that the vaccines played a substantial causal role in the death of XXX without the effect of which he would not have died. The role of inflammatory cytokines as neuro-modulators in the infant medulla has been well described and is likely the reason for a significant number of SIDS deaths occurring in conjunction with mild infection. I have concluded that it is more likely than not that the vaccine-stimulated cytokines had the same effect in this vulnerable infant during sleep."

    Our Healthy Daughter Died 36 Hours After Her First Set of Vaccinations (daughter of Robert Foley, 2 mo.)

    SIDS Death Linked to Vaccines in a 4-Month-Old Baby Boy (Nicholas Lee Copenhaver, 4 mo.)

    Pubmed: Simultaneous Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Following Vaccination (Twin girls, 3.5 months)

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