No vaccine has ever been tested for carcinogenicity (causing cancer) mutigenicity (damaging DNA) or impairment of fertility (fetal harm).
No vaccine has ever been tested against an inert placebo in a control group. Safety studies without an inert control is how manufacturers hide the harm.

This website contains parental reports of injury/death from the CDC childhood vaccine schedule pre-Covid.
To see the injury/death from Covid shots --over 250,000 deaths in the US alone-- see

CDC Knowledge of the Vaccine-Autism Link


"The number of dose related relationships [between mercury and autism] are linear and statistically significant. You can play with this all you want. They are linear. They are statistically significant." - Dr. William Weil, American Academy of Pediatrics. June 7, 2000 at Simpsonwood center, Norcross, Georgia

CDC Scientists Instructed to Destroy Data on MMR Vaccine

Dr. William W. Thompson, PhD, senior scientist with the CDC has admitted that he was instructed by superiors to throw out statistically significant data, so that the MMR-autism correlation would be hidden in the 2004 paper which has since been cited in nearly 100 CDC papers to deny the MMR-autism connection. The paper is titled "Age at first measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in children with autism and school-matched control subjects: a population-based study in metropolitan Atlanta" Dr. Thompson has admitted the 236% increase in boys receiving the MMR vaccine "on time," as opposed to delayed, was buried by himself and the co-authors of that paper, Dr. DeStefano, Dr. Bhasin, Dr. Yeargin-Allsopp, and Dr. Boyle. 

Dr. Thompson first called and spoke with Dr. Brian Hooker over many months, and eventually turned over to Dr Hooker, the unredacted data where the MMR-autism link is evident. Dr Thompson then released an offical statement though his attorney. For more on this story, see the videos below and the article CDC Whistleblower Reveals Widespread Manipulation of Scientific Data and Top-Down Pressure on CDC Scientists to Support the Fraudulent Application of Government Policies on Vaccine Safety

Book Exposes Autism Research Fraud at the CDC

A Firsthand Account from a CDC Insider on the Link between Vaccines and Autism, Vaccine Whistleblower is a gripping account of four legally recorded phone conversations between Dr. Brian Hooker, a scientist investigating autism and vaccine research, and Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist in the vaccine safety division at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Thompson, who is still employed at the CDC under protection of the federal Whistleblower Protection Act, discloses a pattern of data manipulation, fraud, and corruption at the highest levels of the CDC, the federal agency in charge of protecting the health of Americans. Thompson states, "Senior people just do completely unethical, vile things and no one holds them accountable." 

This book nullifies the government's claims that "vaccines are safe and effective," and reveals that the government rigged research to cover up the link between vaccines and autism. Scientific truth and the health of American children have been compromised to protect the vaccine program and the pharmaceutical industry. 

The financial cost of the CDC's corruption is staggering. The human cost is incalculable. Vaccine Whistleblower provides context to the implications of Thompson's revelations and directs the reader to political action.

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Secret Meeting of CDC Scientists, FDA and Vaccine Makers

In June 2000, a group of top government scientists, health officials and industry representatives gathered for a meeting at the isolated Simpsonwood conference center in Norcross, Georgia. Convened by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the meeting was held at this Methodist retreat center, nestled in wooded farmland next to the Chattahoochee River, to ensure complete secrecy. The agency had issued no public announcement of the session -- only private invitations to 52 attendees. There were high-level officials from the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration, the top vaccine specialist from the World Health Organization in Geneva, and representatives of every major vaccine manufacturer, including GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Wyeth and Aventis Pasteur. All of the scientific data under discussion, CDC officials repeatedly reminded the participants, was strictly "embargoed." There would be no making photocopies of documents, no taking papers with them when they left. 

The federal officials and industry representatives had assembled to discuss a disturbing new study that raised alarming questions about the safety of a host of common childhood vaccines administered to infants and young children. According to a CDC epidemiologist named Tom Verstraeten, who had analyzed the agency's massive database containing the medical records of 100,000 children, a mercury-based preservative in the vaccines -- thimerosal -- appeared to be responsible for a dramatic (760%) increase in autism and a host of other neurological disorders among children. "I was actually stunned by what I saw," Verstraeten told those assembled at Simpsonwood, citing the staggering number of earlier studies that indicate a link between thimerosal and speech delays, attention-deficit disorder, hyperactivity and autism. Since 1991, when the CDC and the FDA had recommended that three additional vaccines laced with the preservative be given to extremely young infants -- in one case, within hours of birth -- the estimated number of cases of autism had increased fifteenfold, from one in every 2,500 children to one in 166 children. 

Three Important Quotes from Simpsonwood and Link to Verstraeten Study

Transcript of meeting: Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information June 7-8, 2000 Simpsonwood Retreat Center Norcross, Georgia. 

Analysis of the transcript: The Truth Behind the Vaccine Coverup by Russell L. Blaylock, MD ( 

Deadly Immunity: The Mercury Coverup by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, PhD 

Time for CDC to Come Clean by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, PhD 

A Scientist's Rebuttal to the Danish Cohort Study by Dr Brian Hooker, PhD

UPI Investigation: The CDC Itself is in the Vaccine Business

Currently the CDC oversees vaccine research, safety and promotion, a situation that has been drawing more and more public criticism in recent years. The CDC compiles the list of vaccines that doctors are to give all children in the US, based on the recommendations of an advisory panel, and in many states kids can not attend day care or public schools unless they have received the CDC-endorsed vaccines.

A recommendation by the CDC guarantees a huge market for a vaccine and enables the drug company to use the government as a marketing device for its product. The annual global market for vaccines is expected to be over $10 billion this year.

On July 21, 2003, United Press International published a report based on a four-month investigation that found a pattern of problems linked to vaccines recommended by the CDC, as well as a web of close ties between the agency's advisory panel and the pharmaceutical industry.

By investigating members of an advisory panel of outside experts that make vaccine recommendations, UPI found that members of the panel received money from vaccine makers through relationships that included: sharing a vaccine patent; owning stock in a vaccine company; payments for research; money to monitor vaccine testing; and funding for academic departments.

In fact, according to UPI, the CDC itself is in the vaccine business. Under a 1980 law, UPI found the CDC had 28 licensing agreements with drug companies and one university for vaccines or vaccine-related products and eight ongoing projects to collaborate on new vaccines.

For instance, the CDC and SmithKline Beecham worked together on the Lyme-disease vaccine. A 1992 CDC activity report, obtained by UPI, says the agency had an agreement "with SmithKline Beecham that currently funds three positions at (the CDC) for the purpose of providing information of use in developing advanced test methods and vaccine candidates." More

Conflict of Interest Database: How Much Lobby Money Have Your Legislators Accepted?

Representative Lamar Alexander (R-TN) recently chaired a Federal Health Committee where a Resolution was introduced titled "Vaccines Save Lives." So, I looked up how much money he has received from Big Pharma. From 2002-2014, he received nearly $2.2 millon from pharma/health companies. From all sources he received $6,219,165. Check your favorite legislator using this handy search form: Conflict of Interest Database:

See also this Campaign Contributions Tracker from Kaiser Health News: Pharma Cash To Congress:

And this from ProPublica: Dollars for Docs

CDC Tells Mothers to Stop Breastfeeding for Vaccine Efficacy

Ten researchers from the CDC’s National Centers for Immunization and Respiratory Disease (NCIRD) released a report, entitled Inhibitory effect of breast milk on infectivity of live oral rotavirus vaccines. The report states that the immune boosting properties of breast milk have a detrimental effect on how well vaccines work. The report didn’t just stop there, it goes on to say that, rather than stop vaccines while breastfeeding so your child can gain natural immunity, women should instead stop breastfeeding to allow vaccines to do their job.

Why You Should Never Stop Breastfeeding For Vaccines

Aside from vaccine efficacybeing controversial even without the colluded theory that breastfeeding is the cause, comes the question, why stop building natural immunity for something unnatural? Studies have shown that breastfed children have a heightened immune system, healthier overall brain function, lower respiratory illness and a ton of other positive health benefits vaccine manufactures will never be able to synthesize into an injection. The key beneficial components of breast milk are Lactoferrin, Lysozyme, Lactobacillus, Carnitine. Here are some of the natural immune boosting benefits of breast milk.

Lactoferrin: Lactoferrin’s main role is to bind with and transport iron in the body. Iron helps the brain and nervous system develop in a healthy manner. The secondary function is to fight off the germs that cause bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections.

Lysozyme: Human breast milk contains lysozyme (a potent digestive ingredient) at a level thirty times higher than in any baby formula.  It has a strong influence on the type of bacteria that inhabit the intestinal tract and stops the destruction of the cell walls of certain bacteria.

Lactobacillus: Human breast milk specifically encourages the growth of lactobacillaceae, which are helpful bacteria that fights off and disease and parasites.


CDC Removing Fetal Cells From Online Vaccine Ingredients List

The CDC is editing out certain ingredients from the vaccine ingredient lists online. This does not mean that they will be removed from the vaccines. They are simply being edited or renamed so that people aren’t alarmed by the use of fetal embryo cells.

For example: WI-38 human diploid lung fibroplasts included in the MMR vaccine has now been removed from the ingredients list online but remains on the package insert.

More examples:
Original excipient list for MMRII: 
chick embryo cell culture, WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts, vitamins, amino acids, fetal bovine serum, sucrose, glutamate, recombinant human albumin, neomycin, sorbitol, hydrolyzed gelatin, sodium phosphate, sodium chloride

Current list of excipients for MMRII:
vitamins, amino acids, fetal bovine serum, sucrose, glutamate, recombinant human albumin, neomycin, sorbitol, hydrolyzed gelatin, sodium phosphate, sodium chloride

Original excipient list for Polio vaccine: 
Eagle MEM modified medium, calf bovine serum, M-199 without calf bovine serum, vero cells (a continuous line of monkey kidney cells), phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde, neomycin, streptomycin, polymyxin B

Current list of excipients for Polio vaccine:
calf bovine serum albumin, 2-phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde, neomycin, streptomycin, polymyxin B, M-199 medium

To explain the discrepency, they renamed the list  "Vaccine Excipient Summary" and added the note:  "Substances used in the manufacture of a vaccine but not listed as contained in the final product (e.g., culture media) can be found in each package insertI, but are not shown on this table." 

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