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Death/Disability Following Military Vaccination


Highly Toxic Squalene MF59 Adjuvant that Caused Gulf War Syndrome in Military Servicemen now Added to some Flu Vaccines

Sept 27, 2013: by Ethan A. Huff (Natural News)

It has recently come to our attention that the highly toxic vaccine adjuvant squalene MF59, which was first given to servicemen back during the first Gulf War and later linked to causing Gulf War syndrome, is now being added to some civilian flu vaccines.

At a 2010 gathering of the American Rally for Personal Rights in Chicago, registered nurse and retired Air Force Captain Richard Rovet warned his listening audience about the dangers of squalene MF59, the devastation and horrors of which he witnessed first hand during his time in the service. The experimental oil-in-water adjuvant, which was forced on all servicemen beginning in 1999 via the mandatory anthrax vaccine, caused many of Capt. Rovet's comrades to suffer severe and permanent side effects. One of Capt. Rovet's closest friends, in fact, was actually killed as a result of squalene MF59.

"For the past 64 years, the United States Military and other agencies within our government have used our servicemen and women as test subjects, oftentimes in secret and without informed consent," explained Capt. Rovet.

"In December of 1994, the United States Senate released a report titled, 'Is military research hazardous to a veteran's health? Lessons spanning half a century' that outlines the unethical use of servicemen/women as test subjects, guinea pigs."

After establishing that squalene MF59 was admittedly experimental, Capt. Rovet went on to explain how the U.S. government willfully ignored all documented evidence showing that the anthrax vaccine, and squalene MF59 in particular, was directly responsible for triggering an epidemic of Gulf War syndrome that left hundreds of thousands of servicemen seriously injured or dead. Not only this, but the U.S. Department of Defense actually ordered that both the anthrax vaccine and a related botulism toxoid vaccine, both of which contained experimental squalene MF59, not be annotated in soldiers' medical records -- they were instead generically identified as "Vac A" and "Vac B" in order to conceal their identity.

"Roughly one in four of the 697,000 veterans, my brothers and sisters who served in the first Gulf War, are afflicted with Gulf War illness... [and] study after study shows a higher rate of Gulf War illness in vaccinated veterans. More

Shawn Siegel: Friendly Fire

Squalene is found in each of us, produced by the liver. (1) It's an essential molecule, a precursor of cholesterol (2), which is a component of cell membranes. (3) If the body develops antisqualene antibodies, deep and ruminating problems can result.

Preceding the first Gulf War, all support troops were given the anthrax vaccine, but five of the batches contained squalene, as detected by the FDA. Fully one fourth of the 750,000 troops involved ultimately developed Gulf War Syndrome, and in each of those tested who were known to have received the anthrax vaccine from one of the contaminated batches, antisqualene antibodies were detected. Moreover, in the late 90's four members of the Air Force who were scheduled for the shot, who knew about the reputation of the dangers of the vaccine but who nevertheless had decided to obey orders and consent to the vaccination, volunteered to be tested, before and after, for antisqualene antibodies: none was found before the shot; three of the four showed the antibodies after the shot. (4)

I have reliable evidence that the fourth airman ultimately developed them as well.

The Army initially denied outright the presence of squalene in the vaccine. After government testing detected the five batches containing it, the Army claimed that the anthrax bacteria must have produced it, but the concentrations of squalene in the five batches revealed the hand of man - they in essence doubled from batch to batch - from 4 ppb to 64 ppb - which is standard industry protocol when testing a vaccine, to double a specific constituent, ostensibly to determine where lay the greatest efficacy.

The contamination was conscious; purposeful.

Gulf War Syndrome has driven many to suicide, and you'll plainly see why when you view the short film linked below (5), Direct Order, narrated by Michael Douglas.

Two years ago the suggestion was made that children should be administered the anthrax vaccine. Several ethics panels kicked the issue back and forth, a hot potato, ultimately recommending that testing begin on 18-year olds and up, and based on the results of those tests, they would then determine whether it were acceptable to begin trials on kids. (6)


Tom Colosimo's story is one of the most well-known stories in the anti-anthrax vaccine movement, and one comprised of tragedy as well the the determination of the human spirit. "Colosimo's good days have been few and far between since he received his fourth anthrax vaccination in September 1999, the same month he married Tracy. Three months later, he began suffering from fatigue, sores on his head, tunnel vision and his first blackouts. To date, he's blacked out more than 700 times."

To the right are photos are of Tom and Tracy Colosimo on their wedding day, and of Tom in uniform. Also photos showing Tom years after receiving the anthrax vaccine, and what he looks like after he blacks out and falls to the ground face-first.

Read full story and more at the Anthrax Vaccine Network.

Sgt. 1st Class Rachael A. Lacy of Lynwood, Illinois was as a straight-A student and born leader. She lived at home with her parents and was studying to become a nurse at nearby South Suburban College when she got called up for active duty in December. She felt in her heart she'd be all right in the war. On March 2, she received her vaccination shots at Fort McCoy, Wis., where she and her unit were preparing for overseas deployment. Within days her normally healthy body began its extraordinary deterioration. She ached all over, and worse, was having trouble breathing. Over time she was diagnosed on the Army base with pneumonia. Instead, her body swiftly rebelled against the vaccinations the Army gave her, including an anthrax shot, on the eve of her deployment to Iraq. The result was an amazingly swift and unstoppable physical decline. She was getting ready to deploy with her unit to Iraq. On Thanksgiving Day, Rachael's GI boyfriend, serving in Afghanistan, called to tell the family his unit had named its base camp in honor of Rachel. By all accounts, she died serving her country. The coroner listed "recent smallpox and anthrax vaccinations" as contributors to her death. Yet the military doesn't mention Lacy under "Noteworthy Adverse Events" in an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association touting its smallpox vaccine success. It claims no deaths. Read full story.

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