No vaccine has ever been tested for carcinogenicity (causing cancer) mutigenicity (damaging DNA) or impairment of fertility (fetal harm).
No vaccine has ever been tested against an inert placebo in a control group. Safety studies without an inert control is how manufacturers hide the harm.

This website contains parental reports of injury/death from the CDC childhood vaccine schedule pre-Covid.
To see the injury/death from Covid shots --over 250,000 deaths in the US alone-- see

Dr Michael Elice - Vaccine More Deadly than Measles


Only One Measles Death in the Last 20 Years v. Many From the MMR

Only about 1% of all vaccine adverse events are reported to the VAERS database so when 445 deaths are reported, the real total is likely closer to 44,500. We constantly hear "correlation does not imply causation," but it also does not imply lack of causation. People just assume. And even if 50% of adverse events were coincidental, that still leaves 22,250 vaccine-caused deaths. Compared to zero from measles.

"For centuries, the measles virus has maintained a remarkably stable ecological relationship with man. The clinical disease is a characteristic syndrome of notable constancy and only moderate severity. Complications are infrequent, and, with adequate medical care, fatality is rare." Source: Centers for Disease Control MMWR Vol. 82, No. 3, March 1967

Statement by Michael Elice, M.D.

As a board certified pediatrician, I took the same oath as all physicians, "to do no harm."

The latest media presentation of the measles outbreak at Disneyland as a result of unvaccinated children is very upsetting to me. We are being fed information that is essentially inaccurate by media journalists - none of whom have medical degrees - which may actually be promoting medical harm to our children.

The latest reports blaming a failure of the measles vaccine on the unvaccinated population are not accurate, and in some reports, not true at all. In fact, over the past 30 years, there have been similar numbers of measles cases reported in various areas of the United States. Studies published in leading medical journals, such as the New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Epidemiology, American Journal of Public Health and others around the world have confirmed small numbers, 75-140 cases of measles annually. So why then is the latest statistic of over 90 cases of measles spread over 14 states, representing tens of millions of people being billed as an epidemic?

The media would have us believe that this is a result of the fringe population of anti-vaxers who refuse to have their children vaccinated according the guidelines of the current vaccine schedule. Medical reporting has brought to light the glaring ineffectiveness of the measles vaccines in fulfilling their widely claimed promise of preventing outbreaks in highly vaccine compliant populations. In fact, measles outbreaks have occurred in populations that have been vaccinated on the average of 77%- 99%, not the so-called anti-vaxers.

Last year 1 in every 500,000 Americans came down with the measles. Nearly all recovered in a few days without serious consequences. At the same time 1 in 68 American children were diagnosed with autism or for every case of measles there were 7000 cases of autism. I ask myself which is the real epidemic here?

Frank Bruni in an editorial in the New York Times on February 1, 2015 states that this measles outbreak is a result of "wealthy, educated people who deliberately didn't vaccinate their children." He refers to measles as "the scourge once essentially eliminated in this country is back" when, in fact, it never left! He refers to all links between autism and MMR vaccines as having been discredited yet he obviously has not read all the studies from the U.S. and around the world proving his information false. As a recent example, I would ask him to justify the 340% increase in autism in African-American boys in Chicago - a report that was supposedly squelched by the CDC. While he reports that the incidence of measles has increased over the past 10 years, no patients have died.

Scare tactics were used to terrorize those who attended this year's SuperBowl in Phoenix because of one woman who sat in a clinic without being properly isolated or that every one of the thousands of people passing through Penn Station are at risk because of one man who rode an Amtrak train. It appears that the saturation of the media amplifies the hypotheses to a point that seems misleadingly worthy of consideration. In other words, if enough people say things enough times there must be some truth to it. Does that justify USA Today publishing an article claiming that non-vaccinated parents should be jailed or sued or have their children removed from the home if they chose not to vaccinate their children against the measles? Does that justify the immediate vaccination of every child and adult in this country regardless of their immune status or overall medical health? Will the local pharmacies be hooking pedestrians into their stores for MMR vaccines as they have been doing for the less than effective flu vaccines?

(continued in part 2)

Statement by Dr Elice (part 2)

As I write this piece, the director of the CDC states that the overall vaccination rate in this country is 92%! Yet he is very concerned of a large outbreak because of the trend in not vaccinating certain children. Does this make sense?

I wish these journalists, vaccinologists and infectious disease specialists spent a week in my office. I wish they would actually listen to the testimonials given to me by parents of autistic children who were obviously affected by these vaccines adversely. I wish they would tell parents that the risk of dying from the measles in the United States is around zero. I wish they would admit that they are being told by pharmaceutical companies not to report certain statistics or to cover up factual scientific information. I wish they could be free to report honestly about vaccines rather than being dependent upon drug advertising and internet information.

This is an emotional debate for sure. If we discount emotion and fear, we would realize that a child may have a greater chance of getting struck by lightning, accidental drowning or possibly from adverse side effects of the MMR vaccination itself than from acquiring live measles infection. I wish that my pediatric colleagues would offer parents factual pros and cons of vaccines in general so that a parent can make an informed decision and then give consent to vaccinate rather than being told that if their child isn't vaccinated they will be thrown out of school and they are guilty of child abuse!

I am not advocating that vaccines be discontinued. I am advocating that doctors and patients become aware of the ingredients of these vaccines, what they can potentially do to affect an adverse outcome in an immunologically compromised child. Adverse reactions to MMR and other vaccines have been reported in numerous clinical trials and studies. I am advocating that medical practitioners and researchers, not journalists, address the real medical epidemics of autism, asthma, GI disease and autoimmune diseases facing our society and people around the world. Stop hyping the safety of MMR vaccines which may actually be more dangerous than live measles and may be ineffective in preventing the illness which they are so anxious to report as a dangerous epidemic itself.

Let's stop believing that the mainstream media is telling us the truth when all they are doing is shutting down any intelligent and open discussion about vaccine safety and how to improve it.

Dr. Michael Elice, M.D.

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Dr Mary Holland Responds to Call for Vaccine Mandates Based on Irrational Fear of Measles.

Harvard-Westlake Whooping Cough Cases Only in the Vaccinated

All 90 cases were in fully vaccinated students. No unvaccinated students got whooping cough. Officials blame the fact that the vaccine-immunity wanes quickly. But it's worse than that. Studies have shown that the DTaP vaccines does NOT prevent infection or transmission of whooping cough. It only masks the symptoms so students don't know they are a contageous and continue to attend class, thus spreading the virus to others.

So, clearly it makes more sense to allow one own immune system to fight off the condition and thus benefit from lifetime immunity, and build real "herd immunity." Herd immunity cannot be built via vaccination because the vaccine does not prevent transmission. This is know to scientists, but this inconvenient fact is ignored because officials are afraid to make any statement questioning the value of vaccines. Nor the safety, nor the efficacy.

Vaccination in general does not stand up to real  scientific scrutiny and so the only way for vaccine makers to continue to profit from their sales is to shut down any questions, whether they be from a parent who has had one or more children die from the vaccine, or from MDs who see the damage in their own vaccinated patients. Hopefully, people  can look at news reports such as this one from the LA Times and see through the smoke screen of misinformation to the truth that vaccines simply don't work. Harvard-Westlake Measles Outbreak

Study Confirms: MMR Vaccine Caused Devastating Brain Damage and Death in 5 Year-Old Boy

A repeat MRI scan of the boy’s brain revealed abnormalities and a brain biopsy was taken at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London. It revealed neuronal death and evidence of central nervous system damage and chronic inflammation. Despite aggressive treatment, his seizures increased, he became weak on his left side, went blind and the five-year-old died seven weeks later.


Spinal fluid and urine samples collected during the boy’s last hospitalisation, as well as RNA re-extracted from his brain biopsy, were sent to the Public Health England Virus Reference Laboratory for sequencing.

Researchers, led by Sofia Morfopoulou of the Division of Infection and Immunity, University College London, and at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, used deep sequencing technology to identify the MuV –JL5 vaccine virus strain in the boy’s brain biopsy which was negative for all other viruses.

Genetic Drift and Outbreaks

Mutations in the mumps vaccine virus from that in the batch of the vaccine the boy had received were also detected. The study refers to a 2015 study confirming “genetic instability” of mumps vaccine virus that leads to “genetic drift” between different vaccine batches and may explain why some mumps vaccines induce more serious adverse reactions than others, especially when they are grown on different media.

This science may also explain why the mumps vaccine is failing. A recent outbreak among more than 1,600 mostly vaccinated people in Arkansas has public health officers there admitting that the vaccine isn’t protecting against emerging new strains of the virus.

It’s part of a growing phenomenon that scientists are reporting in many vaccines called “sero-conversion” – when vaccines diminish the strain of a virus they are targeting, but another strain of the same virus blooms — just as antibiotics wipe out bacterial infections but leave antibiotic-resistant superbugs to thrive.


Dr Jeffrey Dach MD: Which is a Greater Threat? Measles or MMR?

recent outbreak of measles near Portland Oregon and a previous  measles outbreak at Disneyland of at least 70 cases (Jan 2015) has created quite a stir in the media. Five of the cases were fully vaccinated, indicating the measles vaccine confers only temporary immunity. Clearly there is no “failure to vaccinate”, as measles has broken out in highly vaccinated populations. It is obviously a failure of the vaccine.  Unlike the vaccine, real measles infection confers life-long immunity

The CDC reports 55 measles cases in the US in 2016, 56% of the measles cases occurred in  unvaccinated, 26% in Vaccinated and 18% had unknown vaccination status. (Reference: Measles Vaccination Data CDC 2_16_18)


Samoa Withdraws MMR After Two Babies Die Within Minutes of Shot

An immediate withdrawal of the MMR vaccine was ordered by Samoan Ministry of Health CEO Dr Take Naseri.

The nation-wide halt was requested after two babies died minutes after receiving the MMR vaccination on July 6.  The babies were rushed to Safotu Hospital in Savai'i but couldn't be saved.

The first baby, a one-year-old girl, died within three minutes of being injected with the vaccine.

Two hours later, a second family brought in their one-year-old boy to be vaccinated, but refused to go through with it after hearing about the earlier death. The nurse allegedly injected the boy without the parents' consent and he died within one minute.

Samoa Prime Minister Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi offered condolences to the families, saying, "As a grandfather and father, I can relate to the grief by the families for their loss. I also almost lost one of my grandsons several years ago under similar circumstances. But with the Grace of our Father in Heaven my grandson survived with the proper treatment but he will never be the same as he has lost the ability to speak. As Prime Minister, I have called a full inquiry into the circumstances leading up to this devastating incident which I do not take lightly."

Source: VaccineImpact

Merck Falsified Data to Inflate Efficacy of its Mumps Vaccine

"Preliminary testing commenced in 1999 at Merck's West Point facility and was led by Senior Investigator David Krah." Two Merck scientists, Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski attempted to expose the fraudulent protocols and falsification/destruction of data at Merck.

"Krahling told Suter that he was going to report the activity to the FDA. Suter told him he would go to jail if he contacted the FDA and offered to set up a private meeting with Emini where Krahling could discuss his concerns. ...The next morning, Krah arrived early to the lab and packed up and destroyed evidence of the ongoing Mumps Vaccine testing. This evidence included garbage bags full of the completed experimental plates, containing the cell sheets with plaques, that would have (and should have) been maintained for review until the testing was complete and final. The destruction of the plates would make it difficult to compare the actual plaque counts in the test with what was documented and changed on the counting sheets, as Krahling had done the day before in Emini's office. Despite the threats he received from Suter and Emini, Krahling called the FDA again and reported this latest activity in Merck's ongoing fraud." Source: US District Court Class Action  Complaint in Chatom v Merck

Dr Bucknell: The Vaccine is More Dangerous than the Disease 

Dr. Michael Bucknell, father of three, said parents should do their research before getting their children vaccinated. His children are not vaccinated because he believes the vaccine is more dangerous than the actual disease. 

"I think there's an outrageous amount of hype going on that is just completely unfounded in the numbers," said Bucknell. 

Health officials paint a different picture when it comes to the measles. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 102 cases of the measles were reported from 14 states. Despite that, Chiropractor Dr. Michael Bucknell believes parents should not rush to vaccinate their children. 

"So what is it really about? It's about selling vaccinations, and it's about keeping people under the way that we've been understood that this is what we have to do," said Bucknell. "But the numbers don't show that same picture."

According to the CDC, there hasn't been any measles deaths reported within the last 10 years. 

"Yet there's been 108 reported cases to the national data base for deaths related to the measles vaccine," said Bucknell. "That tells me the risk is weighted in the risk of the vaccine, not the disease."

Bucknell is part of a small but growing trend; parents are opting not to vaccinate their children against the disease. The Mobile County Health Department said about 36 children in both public and private schools are not vaccinated in Mobile County. 

"If I see that there's only a five percent chance of rain outside, you know I'm not going to bring an umbrella," said Bucknell. "So if I see that there's a 0.000 percent chance of my child dying from measles, I'm not concerned."

No cases have been reported in Mobile County. A measles vaccine is required on children's blue health card to attend school; however, parents can opt out by filing for religious exemption at the Mobile County Health Department. -WPMI, Mobile

To look up the statistics about illness and deaths related to vaccines, Search the VAERS Database

Contrary to Headlines, Israeli Flight Attendant Did Not Die of Measles

Although mainstream media outlets would have their readers believe that she died of measles, new developments reveal that she died from a completely different disease; an infectious bacterium she acquired during hospitalization. 

In the first world, measles is not "deadly" but fear sells vaccines, so the vaccine lobby is desperate to find a measles death to report on. In the case of 43-year-old flight attendant Rotem Amitai, the headlines were wrong. More

Measles Vaccination is Not Protecting Against Measles

The two areas with highest measles outbreak have MMR vaccination rates of 97 percent.* Yes, you read it right, more than that 95 percent figure our Ministry of Health advisers keep telling us would ensure “herd immunity”!

The lowest vaccinated regions have the lowest measles rates, or indeed zero cases as is the case in Gisborne.**

Next let’s look at the official data for the Canterbury outbreak, which is now officially over.** Cumulative total for that outbreak was 49! You may be surprised as we were led to believe it was a big outbreak. This information obtained under the OIA may shed some light:

Dr Shane Reti to the Associated Health Minister (27 Aug 2019): “How many samples tested at the National Measles Laboratory in Christchurch, if any, identified the vaccine strain of the measles virus?”

Hon Julie Anne Genter replied: “61 samples tested between 1 January 2019 and 19 July 2019 detected the vaccine strain of the measles virus and were subsequently identified as not being cases of measles.”

Please do read that statement again and see that based on the official data, the majority of measles cases were due to measles vaccine, not wild measles. I let you draw your own conclusions! 


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