No vaccine has ever been tested for carcinogenicity (causing cancer) mutigenicity (damaging DNA) or impairment of fertility (fetal harm).
No vaccine has ever been tested against an inert placebo in a control group. Safety studies without an inert control is how manufacturers hide the harm.

This website contains parental reports of injury/death from the CDC childhood vaccine schedule pre-Covid.
To see the injury/death from Covid shots see (over 1 million "excess" deaths in the US alone)
To see the newest stories being collected now on the Vax-unVax tour, see Childrens Health Defense

More Personal Accounts of Vaccine Injury


After DPT Vaccine, Daughter was Autistic, Unable to Care for Herself

"My daughter squealed like a rabbit, arching her back, for 20 hours straight after her DPT vax in 1989. She then slumped into an exhausted sleep for a further 20 hours. When she awoke she looked through us, not at us, didn't smile and had no facial expressions. Was like a shell of a human, with her humaness gone. She had lost her ability to crawl, to reach for items and today she is 28 years old, autistic, and unable to care for herself, function well as an adult - cannot cross a road on her own. DPT damaged her before Gardasil and MMR came along. Gardasil and MMR are WORSE... much worse..." -Peta Daimyo

Had 4 vaccines, next morning he was unresponsive, not breathing

"I wanted to update you on my grandson. I was so right to be concerned! He passed away the very night I wrote the previous message. We think in his sleep. We are not entirely sure what happened. I was keeping him and was up until about 3 am on Thursday night/Friday morning 12-21-12. I went to check on him a little after 3 and he was unresponsive and not breathing. I did CPR until the paramedics got here, they worked on him all the way to Childrens, where a Pediatric trauma team took over. For over an hour they tried and never got a heartbeat. It cannot be coincidence that he got 4 vaccines on 12-20-12 and died hours later on 12-21-12. My daughter is really beating herself up for allowing the vaccines, even though the doctor bullied her. She did go back the afternoon of 12-21-12 and got his records before they were aware of his passing and alter anything... She told them off too! But she feels so awful! We all do! We are devastated to lose him, especially right here at Christmas. I cannot even think straight, but would like to share our story to try to tell others about the very real dangers of vaccines!" -Grandmother

Izzy: She Started to Burn From the Inside Out and Her Skin Came Off!

Izzy was healthy, happy and fun loving until, at 18 months, Izzy had a severe allergic reaction to her vaccination which caused Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. She started to burn from the inside out and all her skin came off. She spent the next two weeks in the ICU at Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne while they tried to save her life. She was then moved to the burns ward for the next 3 months and nursed back to health. She has learned to walk again and eat again. Her skin also grew back with minimal scarring. Sadly, the life long damage has been to her eyes - she is now blind and can only see colour and movement. Her corneas were completely scarred and stuck to her eyelids. Full story with video...

Your Children are in Imminent Danger

Your children are in imminent danger and the $50 billion/year vaccine industry has spent a few billion to keep you from learning the truth. Big Pharma influences what is taught in medical schools, what is published in scientific journals, the policies of the CDC and NIH, and which medical-related news stories you hear on the nightly news. So it's not surprizing that you haven't heard of the tens of thousands of children who have died or become permanently disabled after vaccination. And most doctors still refuse to acknowledge their role, and say it's coincidence. The parents of vaccine-injured children have a different story to tell, and are desperate to warn you of the dangers. We implore you to look at the evidence that these highly qualified doctors are presenting. Then draw your own conclusions and take the actions that you decide is best for your children. Our challenge is simply this: You can't make an informed decision if you are not informed. And, in general, the information presented here will not be shared with you by your pediatrician because they don't want to scare you away from vaccination. For the same reason, vaccine manufacturers hide their internal reports on adverse reactions, such as this one where they list 1,742 adverse events from a "6-in-1" vaccine, including 6 cases of cadiac arrest, 10 cases of respiratory arrest, and 7 cases of Kawasaki's disease which also can be fatal. If doctors say "adverse reactions are rare" they are grossly misinformed, and in denial about their own patients who return to them with serious problems following vaccination. Most doctors do no research on vaccine safety and just parrot P.R. from sales reps. Learning the truth can save the life of your child. Vaccine damage is cumulative, and the next vaccine could be the one to push your child over their limit of tolerance. There is no harm in delaying vaccination until you understand the risks. In fact, the older your child, the less likely death or permanent disability will occur after vaccination. Infants receiving the most vaccines are the most likely to be hospitalized. Do not be intimidated by doctors. If your child is injured by a vaccine, doctors have no remedy and no liability. Preventing vaccine injury is the only rational approach.

They're calling it "Sensory Processing Disorder."

"I'm going to try to make this as short and to the point as I can. December 30th my 20 month old daughter was vaccinated (was NOT my choice) MMR & Varicella. December 31st she woke up with high fever and rash. Took her to doctor. Diagnoses: Hands, Foot, & Mouth Disease. Rash has still not completely faded, but looks a lot better now. Approximately 2 weeks after vaccination she woke up stiff, and refused to walk. I took her to ER where she had two febrile seizures. Diagnoses: viral illness. 

"Fast forward to now. She walks but falls and bumps into things constantly. Her coordination has vastly regressed. She has been flapping her arms and throwing her head back at any point of distress. Stares off into space a lot. Cannot STAND having a single piece of lint, crumb, or sand on her face, feet or hands. Extreme anxiety when I wash or brush her hair, change her clothes and diaper, almost always resulting in a temper tantrum. She gets the shakes very bad when she wakes up. Having trouble feeding herself with utensils, which was never something she had problems with before. She seems to want to be held close and comforted almost constantly. After doing some research it seems like Sensory Processing Disorder." -Anonymous Mom

Smiling by 1 Month, Babbling by 2-3 Months

My son was NOT born with brain damage. He had eye contact and attention before the month, he was smiling by 1 month, babbling by 2-3 months, turning by 4 months, sitting and crawling by 6 months, standing by 8 months, walking by 11 months. Also by 11 months he was saying mama, papa, abu, bye, hi and other simple single words. He would look when he was called by his name, he would socialize and play with others. He would listen to music and dance. His development was going as it was expected for a child his age. By 12 months he receive many vaccines, I didn't want to do it; but I was ignorant and forced by the pediatrician he had back then. Immediately we noticed the side effects, one week in and out of the hospital, almost lost him. After that week he was not the same child, all the development: motor, speech, social, everything gone. It was like having an NB again but this NB couldn't tolerate any noise (didn't bother him before), stopped eating, allergies (he didn't had allergies before the vaccines), sensory problems (he didn't have them before), meltdowns (and not the expected meltdown for a 12 month child), gastro intestinal problems (again not before), and the list continue. Yet, no doctor wanted to take responsibility, no doctor wanted to say back then that he was injured by the vaccines.

I don't want this to happen to your child, we learned that vaccines are no good the hard way. Please read, read, and read again all the ingredients, side effects, the amount of people injured, just like my son many are NOT reported. Please educate yourself before poisoning your child; the child you promised since the moment you knew you were pregnant to protect and take care of. Don't let this happen to your child. -Vivian Seda.

"Viral Rash" After Measles Vaccine

It's too embarrassing for doctors to admit that they just gave the child measles with the MMR vaccine, so doctors are calling it a "viral rash." These photos are of formerly healthy children who got a rash 2-3 days following measles vaccination. The expression on this girl's face seems to be saying "FU Mom for letting that clown medically rape me. I'll hate you,  for the rest of my life, which might not be long if you pull a stunt like that again!"

Sweet's Syndrome After Flu Shot

Acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis (Sweet's syndrome) after influenza vaccination. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 2005 Feb;52(2):367-9.

Acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis (Sweet's syndrome) following BCG vaccination. Acta Derm Venereol. 1986;66(4):357-8.

Carliie: Grand Mal Seizure Within 2 Minutes of Injection

"My daughter, Carliie, was vaccine-injured after receiving the DTaP shot at her 2 month appointment. She started having a Grand Mal seizure within 2 minutes of injection. She was hospitalized and for weeks because we couldn't get her fever below 102°. Of course her pediatrician tried to play it off- act like the vaccine wasn't to blame and some other factor(s) had caused her seizures. She is now medically exempt from vaccines. When we had our son, we switched pediatricians. He asked us if we'd be vaccinating him; we told him no, and told him why... The first thing he said was that he was sorry that vaccines caused my daughter to suffer and that he would prefer not to administer them anyway.

A few months before our son was born, my husband went and got his boosters. He'd been successfully vaccinated, with no issues prior to that... this time was different. After about 10 minutes he went into anaphylactic shock- he broke out in hives, started vomiting, then gasping for breath and blacked out due to lack of oxygen. They had to intubate him in order for him to get more oxygen. He also dealt with a mild case of encephalitis, which thankfully didn't cause any permanent damage.

We decided to stop vaccinating everyone in our family because of what happened to my husband and daughter. We were lucky, because neither of them have any permanent neurological damage as a result, but other families weren't as lucky as we were." -Mikala

Two Infants Dead After Receiving Vaccinations. 39 Hospitalized.

Two babies have died and 39 others are in hospital after suffering adverse effects following shots given under the National Vaccination Program.

The infants had been vaccinated against tuberculosis, rotavirus and hepatitis B early yesterday morning, but began suffering allergic reactions by 7:00pm last night. A total of 52 children were given the shots in the indigenous community of La Pimienta, San José and San Antonio del Monte, located in the municipality of Simojovel, Chiapas, Mexico.

The Social Security Institute (IMSS) said it has launched an investigation and ordered the suspension of all vaccinations throughout the country. A team of health officials and experts has been sent to Chiapas to determine what happened.

The babies who died were just 28 and 30 days old. The others have been transferred to hospitals in the state capital, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, where one is in serious condition, 14 are in poor condition and another 22 are stable.

Parents sought help from local authorities yesterday evening but it wasn’t until early this morning that state health officials arrived in Simojovel, which is located about 300 kilometers from the capital.

The state Health Secretariat said it was important to note that vaccination has proved to be one of the most effective public health strategies, but all medication, including vaccinations, can cause adverse reactions ranging from mild to severe.

Within 5 minutes of the varicella vaccine...

My husband and I have two children. We have always weighed the odds; what's worse, getting the disease or the possible vaccine reaction. The ones we do decide on, the kids only get one vaccine at a time. Colt, our 5 year old, is getting ready to go into kindergarten and they insisted on him having the varcilla vaccine for chicken pox. 

Within 5 minutes of the varcilla vaccine he complained of a sore throat, started throwing up in the parking lot then collapsed unresponsive. Luckily his pediatrician is located inside our local hospital. His daddy ran him into ER not breathing. Colt had multiple seizures, aspirated, and was in anaphalatic shock. They intubated and put him in a light medical comma, not too deep into a comma so they can get accurate brain activity. 

In the 2 1/2 hours it took to stabilize him to be "life flighted," he flat lined multiple times and accumulated two full pages of code blue reports. During the entire 25 minute flight they continued to work on him. Once landed we were brought into tramua, there were tons of doctors, nurses, specialists all working together. Once stable we went up to pediatric ICU. Colt had multiple test and procedures done, all with great results. 

After 36 hours on a ventilator, many flat lines, collapsed left lung (one of the times he stirred from the light comma) and more meds then I've had in my lifetime, he started to breath his own breaths on the ventilator and the swelling in his throat went down. 8 hours or so latter the last of the sedations were wearing off and he was awake with all the tubes down his throat and nose, he was alert and thrashing as expected. They went ahead a pulled the tubes out of his throat and nose. The nurse asked him, do you know your name? He responded with superhero Colt! 

We're not sure what will happen from here, its only been 2 weeks. He carries an epiPen, waiting to see an allergy specialist, on watch for seizures and checking in with speech therapy. I'm getting all his records together to push forward a claim for him. -[name withheld]

Doctors Admit That They Never Report Vaccine-Injury

Dear J. B. Handley,

I am a reader. I read a ton of books each year. I read for me and I read out loud to my son John, a joy we both share. But I cannot for the life of me, read your book, "How to End the Autism Epidemic" because the print is too blurry. I get a few lines down, and suddenly the print starts to blur, I have to stop and wipe my eyes and blink and try to read again. Strangely enough, I am not having to cope with PTSD over this like I do when strangers in public places shame or bash me for wearing my Generation Rescue tee-shirts. No, what I am feeling is a slow simmering boil, because this did not have to happen to you. It simply did not have to happen to a generation of now adult children, people like my son John. I know it didn't have to happen because they knew it was happening. Here is how I know.

When John regressed he crashed, he didn't just regress. I was wild seeking help. I went to a local children's' hospital where we stayed 3 days, where our bill was a whopping $43,000...why our insurance didn't pay is another long story...and no a childrens medical network hospital will not pick up the tab for you sorry, no I don't know where all that money they collect does go, but I digress. This diagnoses was "His brain is shutting his body down, take him home and let him die. Get lots of photos made to remember him by." Nice use of funds there.

I am not the kind of Mom to take no for an answer. About a month later I was on the phone with MetaMetrix labs in Georgia, y'all may now know they do a lot of the DAN! work, but this was before the DAN! was formed. They sent me the lab kit, and offered to help, all I had to do was get my doctor to agree and draw the blood, I would collect everything else. I got his doctor to agree to the blood draw. I collected pee and poop and put it on dry ice, I drove to the doctors office and waited for the blood draw. A nurse came out and informed me my doctor has been pulled away on an emergency, I could have someone else do the draw or come back another day. I informed her the Fed-Ex box at my feet had poop in it and no, I couldn't come back, I didn't care who did the draw, just get me someone.

We were taken into a room. A very angry doctor burst in shouting he could not believe Charles would sign off on letting me do my own lab work, and he was not wanting to be a party to this. I ask for the blood draw and he ask what I was looking for. I told him I didn't really know, but I had no answers and was going to get them or die trying. He held my son's medical records in his hands, looked at me and said, "you mean you don't know what is wrong with your son?" and I said, "If I knew would I be doing this?" and he flipped those records, stopped read a page, read more, flipped them again, then told the nurse to leave the room and he shut the door. He sat down on a little rolling chair and rolled into my face, got knee to knee with me, eyeball to eyeball and said, "Mrs. Bailey, you son is vaccine damaged he is ruined, he is brain damaged now, you need to stop this and drop him off in Oxford this afternoon and go have another baby before you are too old. Forget this one." (Oxford is where the home for disabled is located) I honestly felt my body fall through the concrete floor and resurface. I ask him to report it, and help John get compensation. He stood up, looked at me, anger shooting from his eyes and informed me they never report it, they never turn it in. We argued over why. ( it's really about the money) and then I demanded the blood draw, I was going to take my son home and do all I could to help him. I got my blood draw. Weeks later after I had the results I confronted John's doctor over the vaccine damage and he too admitted it had happened, but told me if I spoke up, it was my word against two doctors who would say I was a crazy upset mother, that I needed to shut up or they would sue me for slander. I never saw either of them again....

I was on a business trip when the labs came in from MetaMetrix. BINGO my son was dying from malnutrition, my very excited husband told me we had hit pay dirt as we spoke long distance. When I got home I saw something else odd in the labs, high amounts of heavy metals. Our story starts there. We, Mom and Dad without any help dug in and started learning all we could. We knew his gut was in shreds and not absorbing nutrition, but the nearest gastro pediatrician refused to help us calling John, "A retard that needs to be housed." He cold have been in on ground breaking research, but no, he threw us out of his office. Another doctor when I ask about the heavy metals accused me of Munchhausen by proxy. All of the before the DAN! the early years of the internet, before google or yahoo groups...and long before Jamison was born. By the time he was born I was one of the crazy Mom's telling horror tails of vaccine damage nobody wants to hear.

John is now 26. He will never recover. I could cope with that a lot better if IF by the time Jamison was born, you knew what I knew, but you learned it just like I did. That is criminal. Time for the lies and cover ups to end. I pray your book gets into the hands of very parent, and grandparent in the world. I hope and pray doctors wake up......

Thank you for having the courage to write a book so truthful, I cannot read it for the tears in my eyes. -John's Mom aka mercurymom

Simultaneous Death of Twins after Polio, DPT and Hep B Vaccination

Twin baby girls are born.
Twin baby girls get vaccinated.
Twin baby girls run a fever.
Twin baby girls are given Tylenol.
Twin baby girls die in their sleep the same night, 2 days post vaccination.

Diagnosis: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ("cause unknown").

Source: Pubmed

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