No vaccine has ever been tested for carcinogenicity (causing cancer) mutigenicity (damaging DNA) or impairment of fertility (fetal harm).
No vaccine has ever been tested against an inert placebo in a control group. Safety studies without an inert control is how manufacturers hide the harm.

This website contains parental reports of injury/death from the CDC childhood vaccine schedule pre-Covid.
To see the injury/death from Covid shots --over 250,000 deaths in the US alone-- see

Why We Don't Vaccinate

"Vaccines do not create health in children. Nutrition status does. Immune function depends on nutrition status, not on how many vaccines a child receives. Even though adults and children are more vaccinated now than ever, the CDC found a nearly 20 percent increase in number of reported "unhealthy" days between 1993 and 2001. We're just plain sicker than we used to be, despite using more and more vaccines."

"Vaccines may create nutritional failure by inflicting early and severe injury to gut tissue and digestive function by increasing the risk for bilirubin neurotoxicity at birth, by setting off inflammatory responses that consume nutrient stores or secondarily, via brain injuries, impair feeding skill and gut motility. If over-vaccination is triggering food allergies in children, this too creates nutritional risk: Children with food allergies have significantly lower height for age and have poor intakes of essential nutrients compared to kids without food allergy."

"This means they don't grow as well, and may not learn as well as peers. Biased to a belief that vaccine injuries only exist as extremely rare and severe anaphylactic events, and lacking skill to recognize disabling nutrition failures in children, pediatricians are least equipped to help the burgeoning generation of sick children they are arguably creating." -Judy Converse, MPH, RD
Two kids... one vaxxed one not. You can see the difference when they are sick. The vaxxed one has dangerously high fevers, which last longer. Catches colds easier. Non-vaxxed one is sick less often, breezes thru fevers, everything is just considerably less severe. -Mandy, Ontario, BC
4 Minute Trailer
First 36 Minutes
Why Parents Are Concerned: Vaccine Injury is Real, Not Rare
Jaclyn Gallion at ACIP Public Comments
Multiple Vaccines at Once Caused Sensory Processing Disorder
Dr Sam Eggersten, MD: Why parents refuse to vaccinate.
From a mom whose infant son developed a chronic, serious, autoimmune bleeding disorder (ITP) shortly after his vaccinations:

"I wish DAILY that I had some education on vaccines before it was too late! I never thought to question them. Honestly, I never had a clue how they worked or what they were made of. I assumed I was doing the correct thing and protecting my children! I wish every single day [warnings] would have showed up on my facebook, or television, newspaper or anywhere. I didn't hear a word. I was in complete SHOCK when the doctor said "Oh, he just had vaccines, that is why."

This family has been awarded compensation from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, but has yet to receive payment. The financial burden, constant worry for your child's safety and the effect it has on other siblings and marriages is incalculable. "Nobody in their right mind would trade a few days of fever and a rash for the real risk of your child getting a brain bleed, internal hemorrhage or anaphylactic shock from one of the vaccines. Good luck getting a 1 or 2-year-old to stop jumping, climbing, falling, rough housing or playing sports!"

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Anti-Vaccine Japan Has World's Lowest Child Death Rate, Highest Life Expectancy

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5 Reasons the Sibling-MMR Study from The Lewin Group was Diabolically Dishonest (click to read article by J.B. Handley)

Panel of 120 Italian Doctors: Unvaccinated Children Healthier than the Vaccinated (Article in Italian. English translation at the bottom of this page.)

How Media Lies about Why Parents Don't Vaccinate

Vaccination Programs Require Human Sacrifice

As happens on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day, a young, naive person will make the mistake of swaggering into a large online group of educated people who no longer vaccinate their children, with some pretty self-righteous presumptions as to why these people have become non-vaxxers. Today's visitor didn't ask why they became non-vaxxers. He just opened with the premise that they were somehow "ignorant and needlessly fearful," and posted a video to convince them vaccines "work" and "don't cause autism". (Work at what, he didn't say.) So he found himself with dozens of people directing him to the peer reviewed scientific studies on how dangerous vaccines really are, how some of them cause things even worse than autism, and he was quickly overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Some of the participants, having lost children to vaccine deaths, where rightfully angry.

Somehow he didn't expect either, so many educated people, or so many people with real life experiences. So as fair warning to other naive vax pushers out there non-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers don't care whether vaccines "work". They have simply each independently concluded that the price is just too high.

If you want to see how non-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers think, just lurk a while to read what makes them tick. Often, they are people who have suffered terrible losses in their lives, because vaccine injury is not uncommon, just made to appear so, hidden behind doors, in wheelchairs, and in coffins.

While we are waiting for the congressional hearings and whistleblower testimony on the data-fraud that the CDC committed trying to make it appear the MMR vaccine doesn't cause autism, autism is already admitted, conceded, and listed by the manufacturer in the DTAP vaccine package insert as a possible side effect / permanent adverse reaction. How can anyone claim no vaccines cause autism, when the manufacturers themselves say some of them do?

Adverse reactions are listed because they DO happen to people, AND vaccine lots are shuffled before being shipped to doctors, so if there is a particularly bad lot, one doctor won't encounter multiples of his patients crippled and killed all at once, so hopefully he won't make the connection. It's a continent-wide shell game. The vaccine killed & injured and their parents have been suffering alone for over a century, treated like kooks for grieving their children, when they saw with their own eyes the horrible effects suffered right after vaccination. Well, now these parents have found each other online, and the vaccine industry is collapsing. You see, pro-vax visitor, we don't care whether vaccines "work" or not. The price is just too high. The human sacrifice required by an industry that can only "work" for some people by killing and maiming random other people, with a geometrically escalating schedule (hence body count), is more than any of us can bear anymore.

No vaccine pusher yet has explained why we need to shoot up virgins and newborns with the particularly dangerous vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases HepB and HPV, and many non-vaxxers have concluded the industry has lost its humanity in favor of profits. It's become clear that vaccines have become a Russian Roulette game played against one's own children, and we're done. We'd rather take our chances with diseases that might never happen anyway.

Why don't YOU pull up some videos of girls horribly crippled by the Gardasil vaccine, and yes, disseminated encephalomyelitis, you know, the one where they just wake up paralyzed a day or so after receiving it, is listed right on its package insert. Of course, if their lungs were paralyzed, they don't wake up at all. Lives taken and ruined. For what? In case they might have gotten treatable cervical cancer 50 years hence? An awful lot of families would have liked at least those 50 years back.

There are multiple people in the group you visited today who woke up one day to find their babies dead just a few days after a multi-vaccine shoot-em-up at a "well baby visit". It's pretty rude and cruel of you to waltz in on them and advocate for vaccines, when many of them have other children they are now protecting by refusing vaccines. So I'm just telling you, non-vaxxers don't care whether vaccines "work". The vaccine industry, the horrible human sacrifice and suffering it requires, is over. It's just a matter of the dominoes going down, people young and naive like yourself, waking up.

We already have better ways of preventing disease, if you care to learn from us. Source: Mad Scientists Exposed

Why We Don't Vaccinate

This article is from an organization known as WAVES (Warnings About Vaccine Expectations). Although written for New Zealanders, it serves as a good introduction to why parents worldwide are choosing to no longer vaccinate.

Vaccination has not been responsible for the major decline in infectious diseases, despite what you may have heard from those promoting vaccines. Improvements in living conditions including improved sanitation, hygiene, water supplies and housing, better nutrition and isolation procedures have been the main reasons for this. In New Zealand the death rate from childhood diseases declined by up to 98 between 1890 and the 1940s before vaccination was introduced. The death rate also declined for diseases for which no vaccine was ever introduced. For example, scarlet fever declined steadily throughout the 20th century to the point of being almost eradicated without the use of vaccination. The decline in the death rate from measles, whooping cough, tuberculosis and diphtheria in New Zealand before vaccination is mirrored by the statistics from other countries such as the United States, England, Wales and Australia. Graphs illustrating these historical trends can be found on many websites including:, Vaccination Dilemma, Vaccination Liberation, and Child Health Safety.

Modern infectious disease treatment, including vaccination, has its theoretic underpinnings in the "germ theory" as attributed to Louis Pasteur. Pasteur said "The microbe causes the illness. Look for the microbe, and you'll understand the illness." His followers today in the medical-industrial complex have conveniently forgotten that he also said "I'm convinced that when a wound becomes infected and festers, the course that the wound takes depends upon the patient's general condition and even his mental condition." On his deathbed, Pasteur is alleged to have made a retraction saying "Bechamp is right. The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything." The fact that the environment of the host (human) is key in determining the progression of disease is anathema to the pharmaceutical industry. Their business model would collapse overnight if the public understood that.

Vaccines are commonly believed to work by producing antibodies. However, a number of researchers have found that the presence of antibodies only indicates that the immune system has come into contact with an antigen. One medical paper said that "it is known that, in many instances, antigen-specific antibody litres do not correlate with protection. For example, it has been established that there is no clear correlation between antibody levels and protection against whooping cough and that there is no generally accepted laboratory measure of immunity. The medical community does not have even a basic understanding of the human new-born immune system. Studies show that the immune systems of new-born animals can easily be perturbed to ensure that they cannot respond properly later in life. Two generations of vaccination has made today's babies more vulnerable to disease because vaccinated women pass fewer antibodies on to their babies than those women who have natural immunity to disease. This makes babies of vaccinated women more susceptible to disease in the first year of life.". Vaccination has been proven in medical studies to make children more susceptible to disease for a period afterwards due to its "overload" effect on the immune system leading to generally lowered resistance. Viral vaccines have been shown to depress cellular immunity, which serves as the body's first line of defence against infection and disease. This suppression of the cellular immune system results not in the prevention of disease but the inability of the body to manifest, to respond to and to overcome disease!

Vaccines contain very toxic substances that are poisonous to our bodies. For example, many vaccines contain formaldehyde, an extremely toxic compound and a known carcinogen. Many vaccines also contain aluminium which frequently causes reactions at the injection site and can cause an allergic response to subsequent doses of the vaccine. Aluminium has been associated with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Two vaccines (flu and adult tetanus-diphtheria) still contain Thimerosal (49% mercury by weight). Mercury is a heavy metal, second only to plutonium in toxicity. Concerns about the toxicity of mercury in vaccines and links between Thimerosal and a vast number of illnesses and disabilities led to calls for Thimerosal to be removed from childhood vaccines. However, the flu vaccine is recommended for pregmant women, children over the age of 6 months and the adult tetanus-diphtheria is scheduled at eleven years of age.

In some vaccines 2-phenoxyethanol has replaced thimerosal as a preservative. It is commonly used as a solvent for dyes, inks and resins, in germicides, and in other pharmaceuticals. It is an irritant for the skin, eyes, mucous membranes and respiratory tract and reactions to exposure can include coughing, headache, abdominal pain and nausea. Even more toxic is beta-propriolactone which is a known carcinogen but used in vaccines as a sterilant.

Vaccines are manufactured using animal and human tissue including fetal calf blood, chick embryo fluid, canine and monkey kidney cells and human diploid cells which are derived from aborted human fetuses. Vaccines contain DNA derived from the cell culture and may contain unknown viruses. The presence of contaminating viruses or integrated gene sequences from cancer causing viruses is a major health concern and total safety requires the complete absence of DNA from the vaccines. Viruses that have contaminated vaccines include avian leukosis virus from chick embryos and bovine viral diarrhea virus from fetal calf blood. Continuous monkey cell cultures can cause tumours and human foetal cells are also susceptible to malignancy.

The most infamous episode of vaccine contamination is that of polio vaccines with the SV40 virus in the 1950s and 60s. This simian (monkey) virus contaminated both the killed and live virus vaccines that were administered to millions of children. It has been confirmed beyond doubt that the vims has caused a variety of cancers in a large number of vaccinees. SV40 has also been found in the sperm and blood of healthy people indicating that the virus can be transmitted from generation to generation along gene lines.

Live virus vaccines have been proven to cause the disease that they are supposed to prevent in vaccine recipients and their close contacts. The most well known of these is the oral polio vaccine in which the polio virus can be excreted in the faeces of the vaccine recipient for six to eight weeks after vaccination and can infect non-immune people. Measles, mumps, hepatitis A and chickenpox vaccines have also all been documented to have caused the disease in vaccinees and close contacts who have no immunity.

Vaccines are not effective in preventing the disease that they are supposed to protect against. There are many, many medical studies documenting outbreaks of disease in highly vaccinated populations; some outbreaks have occurred in 100% vaccinated communities. In New Zealand in 1999, 68% of the notified cases of whooping cough were fully vaccinated. In the 1984-85 New Zealand measles epidemic in children over 15 months old (the age for vaccination) 40% of the cases of measles occurred in vaccinated children. In the US there are frequent measles outbreaks in 98-100% vaccinated communities.

Outbreaks of chicken pox, mumps, rubella and polio have also occurred in highly vaccinated populations. Numerous studies have found that immunity to hepatitis B lasts only five to ten years after vaccination. One study found that only 50% of vaccinated people had any immunity after four years, and in another study 61% of teenagers had no immunity 14 years after vaccination.

One large WHO (World Health Organization) trial involving 260,000 people, that was done on the BCG vaccine for tuberculosis, found more cases of TB in the vaccinated group than the unvaccinated and concluded that there was no evidence of a protective effect from the vaccine.

All vaccines can cause adverse reactions and most vaccines can be extremely dangerous for many children. There is no way of knowing beforehand whether your child's reaction will be minor and short lived, or permanently debilitating and/or lethal. In addition, there is no way of knowing whether the vaccine will go on to cause an autoimmune condition years later.

There have been no American long-term safety studies in which the health of vaccinated children is compared with an unvaccinated "control" group. Vaccine safety tests are often based on poor scientific methodology, too small, and too narrow, such as including only reactions that occur within just a few days of the shot. In addition, the studies are limited in the populations represented, and are not subject to independent review due to the fact that the study raw data is not publicized by the vaccine makers who conduct the studies. They have been found to exclude subjects who die so the deaths are not recorded in the study. Of course, if the subject died in a car accident, then excluding them would be proper. But, certainly not if they die after vaccination and the cause of death is "unknown." This type of trickery is how they reach the conclusion that vaccines are safe. Another trick is to not use proper controls. For example, the "control" group is also vaccinated! So, when the control group also suffers adverse events, they report that the vaccine being tested is safe because it showed the same, or only a slightly higher rate of adverse events than the "control."

As more and more children in the world are vaccinated, it is becoming increasingly difficult to compare the health of unvaccinated with vaccinated children. The incidence of side-effects of vaccination is often compared to what is called the 'background incidence' of such a disease or condition. This "background incidence" is the usual incidence of this occurring over the whole population. The use of vaccinated children as controls in vaccine safety studies is unscientific.

The peer reviewed medical journals publish hundreds of reports of serious adverse reactions to all vaccines including many reports of permanent disability and death. Adverse reactions to vaccines can occur soon after administration of a vaccine or progress slowly over the following weeks or months. The list below details some of the reactions that the manufacturers of vaccines used in New Zealand admit to. The information has been collated from the datasheets for individual vaccines.

  • Pain, hardness, redness and swelling at the injection site.
  • Fever, unusual crying, restlessness, irritability, sleeping more or less than usual, vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, sweating, chills.
  • Difficulty breathing, convulsions, inconsolable screaming, encephalitis.
  • Guillain-Barre syndrome, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, myalgia, loss of vision or loss of hearing, thrombocytopenia, vasculitis, swelling of the lymph nodes.
  • Collapse or shock-like state, brain damage, anaphylactic reactions, death.

In addition vaccines have been linked with or shown to cause autism, meningitis, diabetes, SIDS, and degenerative brain diseases leading to death. Even the CDC website lists "reduced consciousness" as a vaccine adverse reaction.

Many countries have a vaccine adverse reaction reporting system. In New Zealand it is the Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring, or CARM, in Dunedin. Like many similar systems, such as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the US, CARM is a passive surveillance system that relies on health professionals and vaccinees voluntarily reporting adverse reactions. In the US between 1990 and 2002, 127,435 vaccine adverse reactions were reported to VAERS. There were 1,936 deaths reported, and 2,546 people were reported as being permanently disabled by vaccine reactions. The US the government has paid out $1,355.4 million dollars to the families of vaccine damaged children since 1989.

Vaccine reactions are grossly under-reported and it is widely accepted that only 1 - 10% of all reactions are reported.

The vaccine industry earns billions of dollars annually. In 1989 - 1999 in New Zealand the Health Funding Authority expenditure orr vaccination was almost $11.8 million dollars, $6.3 million of which was just to buy the vaccines. The manufacturers all have to provide a return on their shareholders' investment and have been known to place profit before safety, placing people receiving the vaccines at greater risk. Shares in pharmaceutical companies are some of the most profitable in the world.

A large number of the studies conducted and subsequently published in peer reviewed medical journals are funded by big pharmaceutical companies. Many of the supposedly independent people involved in research into the safety of vaccines, and those involved in licensing vaccines have financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies (shares, research funding, etc.).

Doctors and health professionals worldwide who speak out against vaccination have been known to lose funding for research, be ostracised by their peers and in some cases lose their jobs. In New Zealand, for example, in 2002 the Director of Public Health made thinly veiled threats against the job security of midwives who disseminated information on vaccination that was not sanctioned by the Ministry of Health, suggesting that they were in breach of their contracts and stating that he was seeking legal advice on the matter.

In New Zealand vaccinating your children is not compulsory. There is no penalty for choosing not to vaccinate. However, the Health (Immunisation) Regulations 1995 require parents of children born since January 1995 to show their "Immunisation Certificate" when they enroll at an early childhood center or school. If you do not show this form, your child will be registered as unvaccinated. No institution can force you to present a certificate, or to have your child vaccinated in order to enrol. In the event of a outbreak of measles or whooping cough the Medical Officer of Health may order that healthy, unvaccinated children be excluded from school for a period of up to two weeks.

While some vaccines are recommended for adults, e.g. 10-yearly DT boosters and flu vaccine, none are compulsory. However, if you are considering employment in any health sector which involves working with the public, your contract may be conditional on vaccination with any or all vaccines, as directed. In our opinion, this constitutes mandatory vaccination and is a breach of your right to choose your own medical care.

If you choose to proceed with any vaccinations you should obtain the package insert of the vaccine(s) and read it thoroughly. Do not accept "Patient Information" which omits important information including side-effects. Request the [vaccine package inserts]. Note contraindications, warnings, precautions and adverse reactions. Ask your doctor to explain the signs and symptoms of all adverse reactions so that you may recognise them should they occur. Factors that can increase the risk of adverse reactions are:

  • A child not well at the time of vaccination
  • A family history of allergies, vaccine reactions, convulsions, epilepsy or any other neurological or immunological problems
  • A bad reaction to a previous vaccine
  • An allergy to one of the ingredients in the vaccine
  • Vaccinating a premature infant according to chronological not gestational age.

Obtain the following information prior to vaccination for your records, verified and signed by the vaccine administrator:

  • Evidence that you (or your child) are healthy
  • If for a child, evidence that the child is developing normally
  • Time and date of administration
  • Name of the vaccine administrator and his/her credentials
  • Name and manufacturer of the vaccine
  • The lot and batch number of the vaccine
  • Written verification that the vaccine has been stored correctly at all times.

This information is critical for obtaining Accident Compensation coverage in the event of compensatable injury. Any vaccine reaction should be reported on a H1574 form by your doctor, yourself, or the person who administered the vaccine. Send the completed form to: The National Toxicology Groups Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring, PO Box 913, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Ensure that ALL symptoms are recorded on the form and retain a copy for your own records. Request verification in writing that the data has been entered into their computer. The form should be available from your doctor but can be obtained by writing to the Toxicology Centre for Adverse Reactions.

"The only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used." Dr. James A. Shannon, National Institutes of Health (USA)

"Immunisation barely figures as a protection against death... At the end of the day, whether you immunise or not isn't going to make a hell of a lot of difference to the death rates." Dr Campbell Murdoch, Professor of General Practice, Otago Medical School, 1983 - 1992

"There is insufficient evidence to support routine vaccination of healthy persons of any age." Paul Frame, M.D., Journal of Family Practice

"The greatest threat of childhood disease lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them through mass immunisation." Dr Robert Mendelsohn, Paediatrician and Author

Unvaccinated children are generally healthier than their vaccinated siblings, cousins and schoolmates. A 1992 IAS survey on the incidence of chronic conditions showed that vaccinated children suffer significantly more from asthma, eczema, ear infections, tonsillitis, ADHD and apnoea attacks than unvaccinated children. There were 269 unvaccinated children and 226 vaccinated children surveyed from throughout New Zealand. Across a wide range of diseases, unvaccinated children always came out ahead. Another, independent survey by Dr Mike Godfrey in 1999 returned similar results from 864 children, 260 of whom were unvaccinated and 604 of whom were vaccinated. This survey found that incidence of asthma, eczema and tonsillitis was significantly higher in vaccinated children. The incidence of each of eleven chronic childhood conditions in vaccinated and unvaccinated children expressed as a percentage of the total vaccinated and unvaccinated children surveyed.

In a healthy well-nourished child with a healthy immune system, the vast majority of childhood diseases are mild and self-limiting. In fact, these diseases serve to strengthen and mature a child's immune system, enabling it to function better when facing more serious challenges later inlife.

"I cannot see how it is justifiable to promote mass vaccination of children everywhere against diseases which are generally mild, which confer lasting immunity, and which most children escape or overcome easily without being vaccinated. " Professor Gordon Stewart, Department of Community Medicine, University of Glasgow.

In New Zealand health professionals have a legal obligation to obtain informed consent before vaccinating a child or adult. Informed consent can only be provided by a patient or caregiver (parent) when the patient or caregiver has considered all the information pertaining to the risks and benefits of vaccination. There is pressure on health professionals to provide only information that is sanctioned by the Ministry of Health. However, "official" information is incomplete and it is recognised by New Zealand consumer advocacy and health organisations that further information is necessary in order for people to be able to make an informed decision.

How I Became Anti-Vaccine (click to read article on

What Happened To My Non-Immunized Children When Whooping Cough Broke Out

Adults who had measles and mumps in childhood have a reduced risk of heart-disease and stroke
(by up to 29% and 21% respectively).

Study of Vaccinated Vs Unvaccinated Shows that the Vaccinated have More Serious Health Problems.
See also Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated CMSRI Studies

Anthousai Hegemone wrote: "We wouldn't have evolved if it were not for disease. You would have to eradicate all life on earth to eradicate disease. It is part of the biological process. Most of the common disease we vaccinate for were never considered deadly. Marketing and fear based propaganda has been a plague on the human race. But very profitable for pharmaceutical corporations. For anyone not to question the extremely unscientific idea that you can eradicate disease by an injection is absurd and very sad example of how uneducated the average person is. Many doctors know it and take advantage of their patients every chance they get. They prescribe pharmaceuticals and collect the data. What happens is that you wind up consenting to be a guinea pig. Most of the pharmaceuticals out there are not helpful and are little more than an experiment. There is something pretty illogical about not questioning the insanity behind giving children 60 vaccines and thinking this is healthy. No matter how many injections you could market there will always be other conditions affecting your biology. The idea of eradicating disease is absurdly naive."
Fevers are an adaptive, reparatory process the body employs to correct an internal imbalance. For every degree of rise in temperature, the rate of travel of the disease-fighting white blood cells ( leukocytes) doubles. This is called leukotaxis. This allows the white blood cells to do their job more effectively. If we stop the fever, we stop the white blood cells' momentum, thereby inviting complications and an increased or spiking fever. The body will always work as designed. Leave the fever alone. Do not feed the febrile person anything at all, not even juice. Water only as required and total bed rest until the fever has done its job. In 1880 at the height of the cholera and typhoid epidemics, Dr Russell Trall gave his febrile patients nothing but water and rest and lost not one patient in 15 years following this method. He wrote about this in his great book The True Healing Art. The medical authorities invited him to deliver The True Healing Art lecture at the Smithsonian Institute in 1880 to inform them of his success. The death rate from the epidemics was high in cases treated with anti-pyretics (fever-suppressants). The fear of fevers is a medical superstition, and the efforts to bring them down is medical ignorance. The key is to stop everything, and allow the fever to do its job without interfernce. See also, this article by Hilary Butler: Fever Mismanagement Is Harming Our Children
George Bernard Shaw: The intelligent do not vaccinate

Was Dr Nick Gonzalez murdered for speaking out about vaccines? Read his letter!

Commentary by Jim Carrey: The Judgment on Vaccines Is In?

New Australian Law Allows Forced Vaccinations, Quarantine or Jail

Australian Mom Setting Up Daycare Exclusively for Vaccine-Free Children

Nurse-Midwife Outlines the Reasons She Does Not Vaccinate

Rose Winters wrote: With all of the hype in the media about "antivaxers", you would think that parents who vaccinate would start to wonder why so many parents vehemently oppose vaccines for their children and fight so hard to retain their freedom to choose... You would think they would ask "what do these parents know that I don't?" or at the very least, "why would any parent oppose something that is supposed to save lives?" Rather than labeling those who do not vaccinate crazy, a wise parent would ask "What is really going on here?"-- There are all kinds of marketing campaigns, "Choosy moms choose JIF"~~"Kid tested, mother approved" ~~ "Do the Dew" ~~ "Safe and Effective"-- but few realize the marketing of vaccines is industry driven and has nothing to do with health. There is not one vaccine trial that would pass a 6th grade science fair, the studies are designed to prove the hypothesis, not actually test it. The studies are conducted by the manufacturers, they are biased, and the studies performed by independent researchers that negate the industry studies are buried (and "debunked"). If there were not millions of dollars invested by the drugmakers who "test" their own products, and actual studies were done, there would not be even one vaccine on the market today. "I want to be a choosy mom, I better get JIF"--- This is the same programming they are using to sell vaccines. Most people can't think critically and do not invest any time researching vaccines until after the fact. It is hard to become an antivaxer, but once you know what we know you have absolutely no choice in the matter. Choosy moms research what they inject into their child's body.
Hilary Bulter wrote: The fact that measles primarily hits children, in developed countries, who are not fed properly [vitamin A deficient], has been detailed in the medical literature for decades. Even in USA, there are studies which looked at the nutritional status of children using blood tests, which confirmed that. it's the "dirty little secret" that the medical profession don't tellyou, after all, we can't blame either the food industry, or what parents buy, and feed their children, can we? And the 80 year long string of medical articles which show that cod liver oil [high in vitamin A] vastly reduces complications and deaths, is another "dirty little secret" isn't it. It's amazing. Most of the real answers to why each disease can cause problems, is right there in the medical literature, - right there for doctors to see and understand, but never to talk about, or expand on. Why? Because if doctors were honest about what is in their own medical literature, they wouldn't be able to persuade GOOD parents, who do basics right, to vaccinate their children.

So, the only way to make everyone vaccinate is to hoodwink parents into thinking that all viruses (and bacteria) are random killers who pick off anyone at will. Then parents will feel helpless, frantic and fearful, and will be instantly brainwashed and compliant.

Panel of 120 Italian Doctors: "Unvaccinated Children Healthier"

Following is a rudimentary English translation of the original article from Italy:

Bologna, October 28, 2015 - "Unvaccinated children are healthier." That is the conclusion of more than 120 doctors, after weeks of debate and controversy on the subject. They submitted an open letter to the Higher Institute of Health; the Italian equivalent of the CDC. The petitioner, the cardiologist Roberto Gava, a member of the 'Society person-centered medicine' of Bologna, supported by more than two dozen of Emilia-Romagna and Marche professionals.

The entire document builds on the statements of the president of the Institute, Professor Walter Ricciardi, who recently supported the safety of childhood vaccines: "Out of 19 million vaccinations there were only 5 cases of severe reactions, which are not life-threatening."

Not exactly, for the signatories of the letter reveal the existence of "adverse reactions which amount to thousands of surveys per year."

Not why they want to be classified as of no supporters, no ifs, ands or buts. And in fact the premise make it clear that, nowadays, any doctor comes "common sense" and "a minimum of scientific knowledge" can not be "against pediatric vaccines."

But then they put on the table their experience in the field. And that "medical practice specializing" next to the sick child, not "hasty but made of observation and listening, consideration of what he communicates to us and subliminal and what parents tell." And all this "has opened our eyes."

The conclusion is bound to create a sensation: "Unvaccinated children will undoubtedly appear and healthier overall, less prone to infectious diseases, especially airway, less prone to intestinal disorders and chronic diseases, less prone to neurological and behavioral disorders and poor drug consumers and health interventions."

And to prove the assertions, the doctors are ready to take part in a survey organized by the Higher Institute of Health that will rigorously compare the state of health of children fully immunized with that of never-vaccinated children.

They illustrated their detailed proposal articulated in fourteen points. Ranges from the customization required of the administration times of treatments, from tasks that do apply must fulfill the need to overcome the vaccination requirement.

"If we want to serve the truth we have only one option; all unite around a scientific table and discuss the matter with an open heart, free from conflict of interest. This is the good of Medicine, the rest is blind coercion and confrontation front that sooner or later it will turn against us all."

Original article: Lettera aperta di 120 medici: "Più sani i bimbi non vaccinati" (A better translation is welcome.)

Vaccines - Uncover The Dark Truth - Part 1

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Vaccines - Uncover The Dark Truth - Part 3

75% of Children Who Received Vaccines in Mexican Town Now Dead or Hospitalized (2016/3/25)

Doctors are trained to say serious vaccine-injury occurs only "one in a million". But for this vaccine, the manufacturer admits serious/permanent injury or death in 5.7 per 1,000 (5,700 per million) vaccinees.

Smallpox Vaccine Warnings
Download PDF: ACAM2000 (Smallpox Vaccine) PRESCRIBING INFORMATION
Everyone wants to parrot their (propagandized) opinion, but nobody wants to talk about:
  • the fact that there are no published studies on the inundating of healthy infants' systems with the CDC's recommended combinations of these multiple vaccines (up to 8) all at one time
  • the fact that there is also not a single published study of non-vaccinated vs. vaccinated children
  • the unGodly escalation of the number of boosters they claim are "needed"
  • the millions upon millions of dollars that VAERS has paid out to vaccine injured patients
  • the pharmaceutical companies' liability-exemptions, given in 1986 (directly before our tremendous "need" for an extreme escalation in boosters)
  • all the nasty-ass toxins they make these vaccines with
  • their bs propaganda to convince the masses that mild childhood infections are "DEADLY"!
  • the lack of dead non-vaccinated kids in the recent past (since sanitation and technology improvements all but eradicated most of these diseases)
  • the fact that the titers aren't correlating with vaccines the way they claim they should
  • doctors receiving giant bonuses for percentage of patients fully vaccinated and "gifts" (cruises, lake house vacations, ...) from Big Pharma reps
  • the correlation of SIDS deaths to vaccines
  • their push for a mandate, based on a false definition of "herd immunity"
  • the billions of dollars that Big Pharma pays out, in lobbyists and bribes, to our elected officials
  • the fact that the CDC owns several different vaccine patents and makes gobs of money off of them
  • the fact that we are getting many of the vaccines from China that have little to no regulations
  • the fact that so many experts in the field are now coming out against theses shoddy practices name a few.

Deborah Gessner wrote: I gathered vaccine ingredients into a list and contacted Poison Control. After intros, and asking to speak with someone tenured and knowledgeable, this is the gist of that conversation:

I: My question to you is how are these ingredients categorized? As benign or poison? (I ran a few ingredients, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, mercury, aluminum, phenoxyethanol, potassium phosphate, sodium phosphate, sorbitol, etc.)

He: Well, that's quite a list. But I'd have to easily say that they're all toxic to humans...used in stop the preserve a dead body. They're registered with us in different categories, but pretty much poisons. Why?

I: If I were deliberately to feed or inject my child with these ingredients often, as a schedule, obviously I'd put my daughter in harm's way. But what would legally happen to me?

He: Odd question. But you'd likely be charged with criminal negligence... perhaps with intent to kill... and of course child abuse. Your child would be taken away from you. Do you know of someone's who's doing this to their child? This is criminal.

I: An industry. These are the ingredients used in vaXXines. With binding agents to make sure the body won't flush these out and to keep the antibody levels up indefinitely.

He: WHAT?!!

The man was beside himself. He asked if I would email him all this information. He wanted to share it with his adult kids who are parents. He was horrified and felt awful he didn't know. His kids are fully vaccinated and they have many health issues.

Critical thinking takes effort and is imperative when an industry has NO liability for a product which is mandated on newborns and children.

Vaccinated Children: Customers For Life