Unvaccinated children are the healthiest
The Vaccine Myth Radio Program
Vaccines: 100% Snake Oil
Fearless Parent Radio
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Shaken Baby Syndrome: Parents Blamed for Brain Bleeding Caused by Vaccines

The Story of Stephan and His Son Donovan
The Syndrome (Trailer)
Vaccine Nation (Trailer)

"The Syndrome" Film Exposes the Shaken Baby Syndrome Myth

Articles on Vaccine-injury Diagnosed as Shaken Baby Syndrome / Munchausen by Proxy

Vaccine Nation - Full Movie (SIDS & Shaken Baby Syndrome)
Silent Epidemic - Full Movie (The Untold Story of Vaccines)

Medical Kidnap: Hospitals Using CPS to Kidnap Childen for Medical Reseach (Website exposing horrible new trend.)

Munchausen by Proxy: A Fake Psychiatric Disorder Used to Medically Kidnap Children

Doctors use Muhchausen for Medical Kidnap of Autistic (part 1)
Doctors use Muhchausen for Medical Kidnap of Autistic (part 2)
Police Officer Fired For Helping Parents Wrongly Accused of SBS
SBS Cases Reported by U.K. Journalist Christina England